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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer your services in cities other than Orlando?
Yes, we work throughout Florida and the Southeast!


Why should I live stream events?

Nearly every company, organization and brand is looking for innovative ways to connect with people. Live streaming allows companies and organizations to reach employees, customers and fans in real time. It's an effective way to deliver important news, share an experience or celebrate an achievement. Viewers are part of the event, even though they may be thousands of miles away.


What is live streaming?

Events are live streamed when they are sent live to a web audience. The video (and audio) signal is encoded and streamed live to the desired web platform where the viewer can watch the event. Live streams require a wired high-speed Internet connection at the venue. Orlando Webcasts can provide all the needed equipment for live streaming.


What is a webcast?

A webcast is streamed live over the Internet and usually password protected and intended for specific audiences. In most cases, webcasts are used by business clients to deliver important information to employees, investors, trainees or other stakeholders of the company or organization. Webcasts can include PowerPoint slides, videos, graphics, polling and surveys and allow participants to ask questions to the presenter. Webcasts normally originate from one location and stream to multiple, even hundreds of computers, tablets and smartphones, allowing viewers to watch anywhere. Audiences typically range from 50 to 1000, but can accommodate tens of thousands. A webcast without video is an Audio Webinar.

Webcast and Live Streaming Workflow

Can you live stream to social media sites?

Yes! We live stream to Facebook, Twitter/Periscope, Twitch, YouTube or other social media portals. We can also live stream to paid sites like GoToWebinar, LiveStream, Vimeo and others.


Is live streaming to a social media site like YouTube a good idea?

Since most social media sites allow you to live stream for free, there are limitations enforced by each site and they can vary. YouTube, for example, will sometimes stop a live stream if they detect the use of copyrighted music. Other limits include the length and quality (bit rate) of the live stream, use of pop-up advertising in your live stream and little or no customer service when you have a question. When using a paid streaming service like Vimeo, DaCast or UStream, users have more control of the setup, stream and branding of the event.


Can you set up a pay-per-view event?
Yes. We can create a pay-per-view event and handle all registrations, payments, live stream and archiving activities.


Can you film our meeting, keynote or conference without it being live streamed?
Yes. We can
film your event and provide you either the raw camera footage or edit the footage into a finished video. We deliver footage either online or via overnight delivery. Learn more about our Video Production and Meeting and Conference services.


Can you stream an event without providing the camera and audio equipment?
Yes. We work with A/V companies that are filming on-site and use their camera feed for the webcast or live stream with our
Encoding service.


Do participants watching a webcast need to install apps or software in advance?

No. Our webcast player utilize HTML5 technology which allows viewing on the device's web browser. We also feature Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR) streaming, which adjusts the stream bit rate to the available bandwidth, considerably reducing video buffering or freezing.


Do webcast participants need access to both the internet and a telephone?

No. Our webcasts have the audio embedded with the video stream.


What if someone misses the webcast? Can they watch it later?
Yes. Our webcasts include a video-on-demand feature and can be archived up to one year.


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Webcast and Live Streaming Workflow


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Webcast and Live Streaming Workflow
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