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Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport Hotel -
Briefing Room Review

9300 Jeff Fuqua Blvd, Orlando, FL 32827

(407) 825-1234

The Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport Hotel is located within Terminals A & B, overlooking the security checkpoint for Gates 70-129. The hotel has 449 rooms and 42,000 square feet of meeting space.

One of the unique meeting spaces in this hotel is the Briefing Room. This 150-seat auditorium features stadium seating with wide aisles, swivel chairs, power outlets on each row and ample desk space at each seat. A rear projection screen reaches from the floor to ceiling, and the area behind the stage can be opened to expose additional room for small set pieces, seating, tables or other presentation related accessories.

Discovering the Briefing Room is something like uncovering a secret meeting room that is used by government officials to plot National Security strategy. I wasn't aware such a meeting facility existed anywhere in Central Florida, let alone at the airport.The room is spacious and comfortable, with high-back roller chairs, ample desk space and outlets under the desk area along each row. While there were about 75 chairs in the room when my client used it, the hotel website notes a capacity of 150 seats. The stage area is flush with the bottom level and is where any guests with mobility issues can be seated. There is not an elevator or lift at the rear entrance, which is unfortunate, so access to the lowest seating level is achieved through an adjacent hallway which stretches from the reception area to the stage area. Anyone wheelchair-bound will not be able to access the upper rows of the Briefing Room.The stage area is the width of the room, and a large podium is located to the left of the drop-down screen and features the usual microphone and laptop connections.The drop-down video screen is large and reaches from the top of the stage area to the floor. The screen is rear projection, allowing the area in front of the screen to be utilized by presenters. For my event, I suggested the presenters stay at the podium rather than walk around the stage area, which allowed the screen images to be unobstructed. During a daily panel event, the client decided to turn off the projector so the eight presenters would not be backlit and difficult to see both in-room and for the online audience.The in-house stage lighting is only a few spotlight fixtures, which makes for uneven lighting on the presenters. Walking across the stage, a presenter would walk in and out of light sources. I think the hotel would be better served to install long LED fixtures that provide even lighting anywhere along the stage area. This method is often called a 'stage wash' which bathes the stage with light, though some care is needed ot keep the light off the lower portions of the video screen.CONTINUED BELOW

The room is equipped with wireless microphones, video playback equipment and hardwired internet access. A wireless network is in the room, but my client had to obtain separate passwords for each member of his team in order for each to use the internet at the same time. There was a free connection in the lobby area, but it did not reach to the lower stage and podium area to allow for a stable internet connection, which they needed for some of the presentations.From a vendor perspective, load-in and out is convenient. It;s a short walk from the parking deck to the Briefing Room. Parking at the airport can be challenging at times, but I managed to find a parking space each of the three days of the event on the upper decks of Terminal Top Parking. The hotel staff was friendly and attentive. The in-house AV provider, Encore Services, was responsive and checked in with me several times each day.In summary, this is a great room for meetings and comes with an aura of prestige. The room provides a built-in desktop like none I've seen elsewhere in the region. It can't be beat for convenience for out-ot-town arrivals, and offers Hyatt-quality rooms and food, making this a great meeting venue.I look forward to the next opportunity to work in, or recommend, the Briefing Room to a client.Posted by Mike Forrester on May 2, 2022

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