• Mike Forrester

A career of clients, celebrities and lessons

I recently found a client list from years ago when much of my work was for television networks. We interviewed celebrities, politicians, world leaders, athletes, musicians, scientists, activists and plenty of business leaders.

Working with high profile individuals was, at first, exciting. Over time, it became part of the job, yet one I always enjoyed and respected. Having access to these individuals was a privilege, even if I was just the cameraman or producer on the shoot.

Are there stories? Sure. Will I share them? No. Clients hire me, in part, because they know I'll treat them and their clients in a courteous, professional manner.

The list below reflects my time as a cameraman and producer for 14 years, from 1999 to 2013. It's not complete, and it covers the higher profile clients I worked for and celebrities I've worked with. Some names and networks you will recognize, some you may not.

While the majority of my time is looking forward, I find it rewarding to occasionally pause and reflect on the projects and people that I've been fortunate to work with during my career in television, video and live streaming.

When I started my career in the video and television business, my interest was in the equipment, technology and technique. Having the opportunity to meet such a diverse group of individuals while working for an equally broad range of companies has proven to be one of perks of this business. Every interaction is a chance to learn and grow.

My advice: be engaged in the moment. Put down your phone and observe those working around you, especially those who are working in relevant positions. Take time to listen to other professionals. Pick up tips and suggestions that will improve your work and make you valuable to your client.

Clients only call us when they have a pain. It's our job to make that pain go away. In this example, the pain is not physical. It's more of a need to solve a problem. If you solve that problem, you've likely earned a new client that will remember you next time they have a similar pain. Stay top of mind with your clients. Your good work will be rewarded.

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