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Orlando Webcasts offers video production services

While Orlando Webcasts is known for our live stream, webinar and webcast services, none of those events take place without our core product: video production.

Our roots are in corporate and broadcast video, with owner Mike Forrester having worked as a freelance camera operator for numerous networks including The Weather Channel, National Geographic, CNN, Discovery, ABC, Fox Business, Bloomberg and others. For over a dozen years, Mike traveled the country with the networks covering storms, news and filming documentaries.

Above: Mike (2nd from left) with Jim Cantore and The Weather Channel crew that covered Hurricane Rita in Orange, TX in September, 2005.

From 1999 to 2014, Mike went through 20 hurricanes, 28 tropical storms, filmed nearly three dozen tornadoes, and persevered seven blizzards, nearly all of them for the Weather Channel or National Geographic.

In 2007, Mike opened a studio in Atlanta with a fiber optic connection which allowed guests to appear live on television news programs and satellite media tours. The fiber optic connection also introduced the idea of live webcasts, which was an emerging market at the time.

While operating the studio, Mike spent an increasing amount of time as a producer for the networks, and for corporate and agency clients that used the facility, spending more time in Atlanta, and less time traveling.

After selling his studio and related video business in 2015, he returned to his hometown of Orlando to open Orlando Corporate Media, which operates as Orlando Webcasts.

Throughout the years, video production remained the heart of all of his projects, no matter where the final product was seen or utilized, and that remains the case today.

Orlando Webcasts provides video production services including full equipped camera crews with audio and lighting packages.

Our video crews are available as a separate service for filming conferences, meetings, town halls, special events, corporate videos, training workshops and much more.

Visit our website for details on our video production services.

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