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Editing Services and Content Creation

Video Editing and Content Creation Services Orlando

Our editing service turns raw footage into carefully crafted videos that resonate with your audience.

Meeting & Event Services: Services

Create an effective and engaging video with our professional editing service.

Our editing services take raw footage and transform it into memorable, inspiring and informative videos. From social media shorts to day-long workshops, we'll create the video your audience wants to watch.

We add titles, logos, graphics and music to bring your video life and, depending on the project, add narration, subtitles, captions and other elements to make it accessible and effective.

Enjoy a streamlined and efficient workflow, where you can view drafts through a secure portal and leave comments directly on the video, so changes can be made quickly and accurately.

Our projects are archived so it's easy to update and change your video for three years after completion.

Add video to your website and social media accounts.

Add video to your website with our filming and editing services. We can handle the production from start to finish - or we can use your existing footage and create the video you need to reach new clients, fans, and stakeholders.

When you need a short clip for social media, we create those from your existing footage, or can create an entire campaign which we film and edit.

There are limitless possibilities when it comes to content creation, so we listen to your ideas and make recommendations based on what works best - and fits your budget. Our goal is to deliver on-time and on-budget.

What can our editing service do for you?

Can you edit footage we already have? 
In almost all cases, the answer is yes. While we prefer to work with professionally filmed content, we realize that there's great footage captured on cell phones, and we're able to use that footage nearly every time.


How long does it take to edit a video?
Some projects can be completed in days, while others take a longer time to finish as it depends on the scope of the project. A two-minute video will be completed faster than a ten-minute onboarding video, and most projects are completed in less than 30 days. Prompt feedback from the drafts we provide speed up the process considerably. 


Can you edit on-site?
Yes, we provide on-site editing for conferences, meetings and events. In many cases, we're editing for either daily mini-updates, and almost always a highlight video for attendees which recaps the past several days of activities.


Can you add captioning or subtitles?
Yes. It is easier than ever to add captions and subtitles. We create a transcription of the audio and insert it in the video where it can be turned on or off with the press of a button on your computer screen.


How do you deliver the final video, and do we own it?
The finished video, along with all the raw footage, is provided by online file transfer, unless we are working on location, where we can transfer the files to your computer. Once paid in full, the video is yours to use as you like. We will offer to keep a copy of all the files and video archived for three years in case you need to update the video in the future.

Editing, plus a whole lot more.

We are a full service production company, and offer any service a company or organization would need to produce a video. From concept through scripting, and filming to editing, we are your one-call solution for your next video.

Our editing and content creation services include:

Digital editing with Adobe Creative Cloud apps

Motion graphics 

Titles and lower thirds

Logos and branding


Color correction

Captioning and subtitles

Add meta data to video file

Secure portal for online review of drafts

Digital delivery of final video and raw files

Three year project back-up

Choosing Orlando Corporate Media for your project means choosing a partner with a wealth of experience, a commitment to quality, and a passion for producing stories that impact audiences. Our high ratings for communication, responsiveness, expertise, and value for money further attest to our reliability and professionalism.

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