Live Video Switching

Video Gallery

Examples of recent productions including webcasts, webinars, live streams, corporate branding and promotional videos.


Live Stream Page Layout Samples

Large video window

Large Video Window with Sponsor Logos

Custom live stream page with event title and logo, large video window and rotating sponsor graphics.

Multi-presenter player with slides

Multple Presenters with Slides

Live stream with up to a dozen remote presenters, slide decks, Q&A and custom branding on our enterprise-grade platform.

Town Hall Webcast

QR Code on Event Player Page

Add a QR code or link to the event player page for audience Q&A, chat or polls.

Side by side video and slides

Side by Side Video and Slides

Live presenter video with large slide window with client and sponsor branding.

Marketing Presentation Webcast

Medium Video Window with Tabs

Add presenter bios, schedules, slides, credit hour information and more.

Large Video Window Player

Large Video Window with Branding

Large video window with event branding. On-site video switching allows cuts between cameras, videos and graphics.


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