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Highlight Video Production

Highlight Videos and Sizzle Reels

Capture the energy and excitement of your event
with a short recap video

Meeting & Event Services: Services

We'll create a shareable memory for your team, social media, and attendees

Orlando Corporate Media is your one-stop solution for Highlight Videos and Sizzle Reels. We specialize in serving the meeting, conference and event client with 5-Star Service.


Our videographers capture the excitement of the event, including dinners, parties, festivals, networking, games and other activities during the conference or event.

We'll also film interviews and testimonials, capture highlights from keynotes, general sessions, meetings, and seminars at your conference.

Our drone services capture spectacular footage, adding a unique and fun element to the highlight video or sizzle reel.

A single call books everything needed for your highlight video

As meeting and event video specialists, we are ready with the gear and crew needed to film nearly any meeting, conference or event.


We can provide multiple 4K and HD cameras, wireless microphones and lighting. Aerial drone footage is available at most outdoor events. Our handheld gimbals ensure smooth footage when the videographer walks with the cameras.


We can edit footage on site during the event to provide a highlight video on the last day of the conference, or edit the video once the event is completed.

Here are a few of our most common questions and answers regarding these shortform videos:

Why would you want to produce a highlight video? 
Clients usually share these videos with participants as a recap of the event, but often use them as marketing tools for future events.


What is involved in producing a highlight video?
We have a videographer on-site for some or all of the event to film any and all elements of the event including registration, reception, networking, keynotes and general sessions, breakout sessions, parties and other activities. We also film interviews and testimonials from attendees, leadership and sponsors which can be included.


How do you decide what to use in the highlight video?
We talk with you! We will make recommendations based on what activities are occurring during the time we are on site and develop a schedule of the must have elements for the video. Some clients may not want interviews in the video, while others want to feature the speakers. Every client has different needs, so we make sure to know what is important for their video.


How quickly can you produce the highlight video?
If needed, we edit on site! For multi-day conferences, we can film and edit each day, and have the video ready to show at the final session of the meeting. For other events, we can have the video ready within days. For both options, we provide online draft review so you can check the progress throughout the editing process.


How do you deliver the final video, and do we own it?
The finished video, along with all the raw footage, is provided by online file transfer, unless we are working on location, where we can transfer the files to your computer. Once paid in full, the video is yours to use as you like. We will offer to keep a copy of all the files and video archived for one year in case you need to update the video in the future.

Recap videos for any meeting or event

Our Orlando videographers are ready to film your conference or event and create an exciting and memorable video for your attendees, team, and sponsors to enjoy. We provide drone services for incredible aerial video, plus creative editing that results in a highlight reel, sizzle reel or recap video you'll be watching for months.

Watch more videos on our Video Gallery page

Our Highlight Reel services include:

Single to multiple 4K & HD cameras 
Keynote & breakout session filming

Local video crews & videographers

Microphones & audio gear 

LED lighting fixtures

Editing, titling & graphics

On site editing & uploading

Backup of all files & project assets

On site or online delivery of files

Live stream & webcast services

One call to book, plan & film your event

Learn about Videographer pricing in Orlando

When you need to create a highlight video from your conference, meeting or event, Orlando Corporate Media is ready with experienced videographers. With years of technical expertise and an extensive list of equipment, we have earned a reputation for our top-rated service and client support.

From start to finish, you'll experience the best service Orlando has to offer. Filming, editing and digital delivery made easy from Orlando Corporate Media.

Orlando Webcasts supports all live streaming platforms

Live Stream Services for Meetings and Events

We stream to the popular platforms including Zoom, YouTube, Facebook, WebEx, Teams, Vimeo, ViewStub, Eventscape, StreamYard, GoToMeeting, GlobalMeet, as well as any RTMP address.

We can create, produce and moderate your live event on-site in Metro Orlando from any hotel, conference center, office or convention venue.

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