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Live Webcam near Orlando, Florida

Orlando Corporate Media Live Webcam

Welcome to our live webcam, installed in February, 2021 and maintained by Orlando Corporate Media. Our live webcam offers you an unparalleled view of historic Plant Street in Winter Garden, Florida, a picturesque town located 14 miles west of Orlando.

Whether you're a local resident, a frequent visitor, or simply curious about the area, our live webcam offers you a unique way to stay connected with Central Florida.


YouTube records the last 12 hours of the live stream, so you can 'go back in time' to watch activity earlier in the day. You can watch the webcam on this page, or click the YouTube link on the player to save the live webcam website address to your Favorites folder​.

The camera will be offline from time to time during maintenance, if there is an internet or power outage, or due to other circumstances beyond our control. Please note that the audio is muted.

The live webcam was the idea of Mike Forrester, Owner of Orlando Corporate Media as a way of sharing the joy of Central Florida with the world. In the three years that the camera has operated, over 1500 subscribers have joined the Orlando Corporate Media YouTube Channel, and the page has more than 1 million impressions. The average viewer watches for more than 8 minutes.

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