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Orlando Videographer Rates

Videographer Rates and Pricing

When you need a videographer for a business meeting or conference in Orlando, learn about the services and rates you can expect to pay with Orlando Corporate Media.

How much do videographers charge in Orlando?

When it comes to hiring a videographer in Orlando and Central Florida, prices and rates can vary greatly. Rates start as low as $300 and can go up to $1,600 or more. Why the wide range?


Factors that affect the cost of your videographer include how many hours of footage is filmed, the use of microphones and lighting, the size of video crew needed, location of the event, parking charges and any other services you may require of the videographer.

One of the largest factors is experience. Videographers just getting started often have low rates, and their equipment is likely less expensive as well. Sometimes, this isn't a problem for the client, after all, we were all new in our profession at some point. For other events, the client wants certainty in performance, reliability, quality, and even in communication leading up to the event. You will pay more for this level of experience, but also be less likely to have problems.

The wide range of experience and equipment lead directly to the associated wide range of pricing.

For the two examples below, the rates are based on:
One camera operator

Professional HD or 4K capable camera

Tripod with fluid head

One wireless microphone

Battery powered camera light, or basic lighting kit

Let's start with the basics. If you need to film a one hour presentation or event in Orlando in 2023, the cost could be as low as $300.00 or as much as $1300.00.

Half-day videography service - 5 hours or less


Some companies, including Orlando Corporate Media, offer half day rates for short duration events. We consider a half day as five hours or less. The clock begins when we arrive on site, and ends when we depart the site. While the event may only be an hour or two, the videographer needs time to setup and test the camera and speak with the client about specifics. After filming is complete, the time to break down the equipment and depart the site is also part of the five-hour day. Our average half-day rate falls between $600 and $900, depending on the specifics of the production.

If the conference lasts all day, the full-day videographer rate usually reflects a 10-hour day, including a meal break. The cost for a full day videographer rate averages between $600.00 and $1600.00. Once again, the clock begins when the videographer arrives on site, and ends when they depart the location. Our full-day rates are between $950 and $1300, depending on specifics of the production.

Full-day videography service - 5 to 10 hours




At Orlando Corporate Media, our rates are based on several variables, including:
How much time is required for the setup of the camera and equipment

The type of camera used for the event: Professional or Broadcast (least to most expensive)

Any additional equipment required

Overtime is charged after 10 hours on site

On some events, we deliver the raw, unedited footage to the client and they handle the editing. Other clients may choose to have us edit the footage to their requirements before sending it to them. When we edit the footage, we determine a price based on how much editing is required, provide a quote to the client and receive their approval to edit the material.

Orlando Corporate Media videographer pricing falls within the averages mentioned above. There are some companies less expensive than us, and others are more expensive.

Since every project is unique, we quote projects individually, with basic projects quoted with a short turnaround of a few hours. All quotes are sent via email. When a larger crew and more equipment is required for larger productions, we provide a written proposal that includes all the equipment and crew, and details the services we will provide on the project, along with times scheduled for the crew.

Orlando Corporate Media can provide all the gear required for filming conferences, meetings, competitions, seminars, presentations, trade shows, interviews, testimonials, town halls, all-hand meetings, training and educational sessions, and most any other type of event held at an area hotel, convention center, meeting space or office. We've filmed in parking lots, on an oil drilling ship, inside a blimp, in a wind tunnel, and in the eye of a hurricane. We're ready for almost any situation where a videographer is needed!

We bring more than 20 years experience to our productions, and take pride in our 5-star rated service.

Need a quote for a videographer in the Orlando area?




Videographer Pricing for 2023




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