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Explanations and tips to help you navigate the virtual waters.

What is a virtual event?

It is a program, meeting, workshop or other event, streamed live and viewed in real time by an online audience. The audio and video are encoded and streamed to the desired web platform where the viewer can watch. Virtual events include live streaming, webinars and webcasts, which Orlando Webcasts provides for clients.

Is a webcast different than a webinar?

The names are used interchangeably. In the past, webinars typically did not include video, only audio. Webcasts included audio and video in the event. Today, webcasts and webinars deliver important information to employees, investors or other stakeholders of a company or organization. They are streamed live over the Internet, usually password protected, and often include slides, videos, surveys, a Q&A function and detailed viewer analytics.

What about webcast vs. live stream?

A webcast can be a live stream and a live stream can be a webcast. Technically, we look at events on three levels: live streams, webinars and webcasts. Live streams are often free events on platforms like YouTube, Twitch or Facebook. Webinars were held on Zoom, WebEx, GoToMeeting and others. Webcasts were the gold standard as high-end, private events that offered a custom branding and a host of features.
All these still exist, though we use the generic live stream to describe any event, regardless of platform. When you work with Orlando Webcasts, we'll work on your existing platform, or create a custom streaming event on the platform that best meets your requirements.

Why should I live stream events?

Nearly every company, organization and brand wants to connect with employees, stakeholders or customers, and livestreaming allows them to accomplish that in real time. Viewers are part of the event, even though they may be thousands of miles away.

Can you live stream to anyone, anywhere?

Yes! We can live stream to any business or social media platform or content delivery network. We livestream to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch and other social media sites. We stream to business sites including WebEx, GoToWebinar, Zoom, and many others. We also stream to Content Deliver Networks (CDN), and to private webcast platforms.
We can stream on your current account, or we will create a custom streaming event on the platform that best meets your requirements.

What if someone misses the event? Can they watch it later?

Yes, there is a video-on-demand option for replays, often available at the same link as the live stream.

Do you work anywhere other than Orlando?

We work globally on our virtual events. We've produced events in over a dozen countries on four continents. For events that require on-site equipment and crews, we work anywhere in the United States, with a focus on productions in Orlando and throughout Florida.

Can an event be produced if everyone is working from home?

Yes. We can remotely produce events using either webcams or a local video production company for the presenters to connect to the event platform. The audience can view the live stream on any connected device.

Can virtual events be pre-recorded?

Yes. Sometimes it's better to pre-record the presentation and stream it later. We call these events 'Simulated Live' or 'Look Live' since they appear to be live to the viewer.

Can you set up a pay-per-view event?

Yes. We can create a pay-per-view event and handle all registrations, payments and other logistics related to the PPV event.

Is live streaming to a social media site like Facebook or YouTube a good idea?

Since most social media sites allow you to live stream for free, they have restrictions to their service. Use of unlicensed, copyrighted music often triggers warnings and will even disconnect the stream. Platforms may limit the length and quality of the livestream, and customer support is limited. They are, however, a popular way to reach thousands of viewers at minimal cost.
Alternatives are available and we work with over a dozen platforms on a regular basis.

Can you film our meeting or conference without it being live streamed?

Yes. We can film your event and provide you the raw footage after the event concludes. We also edit on-site or post event.

Why should I choose Orlando Webcasts for my event?

Our background is in live television production. We brought that experience and professionalism to virtual events when we produced our first webcast in 2009. We continue to use broadcast-grade equipment, providing high quality and reliability to our clients. Orlando Webcasts is the only company in Central Florida that specializes in virtual events. Our goal is to deliver superior customer and technical service on every production.

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