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Pay Per View Events - Orlando Webcasts

Maximize Your Revenue with Pay-Per-View Events

Create a revenue stream from your live stream! Our pay-per-view integration provides a seamless experience for viewers during the live event and for on-demand viewing.


Our enterprise-quality pay-per-view events service includes a custom registration page with client branding, event schedule and integrated credit card processing.


Our enterprise-quality pay-per-view service includes a custom storefront with client branding, webcast schedule, details on the event and integrated credit card processing.

Live Event

During the live event, Orlando Webcasts can connect to the venue AV equipment to receive the video feed, or we can provide cameras, microphones and lighting.

On-Demand Viewing

Once the pay-per-view event has ended, registered viewers can watch the webcast on demand. The event can continue to be offered to new viewers, creating additional revenue.

Personalized player Browser-based
No downloads needed

Our browser-based platform doesn't require plug-ins or downloads.
HTML5 and adaptive bit rate streams allow viewing on any device browser.

Our pay per view events include

Connect remote presenters from any location around the world via phone or webcam
Optional on site video production including cameras, microphones and crew
Development of a branded page with slides, handouts, Q&A and more
Viewer registration page with integrated credit card processing
Automated registration confirmation and reminder emails
Live interactive webcast for any size audience, from one hour to multi day
On-demand playback of the event
Detailed viewer analytics provide insight to your audience
One call to book, plan and stream your event


What are Pay-Per-View Events?

Pay-per-view events are live or pre-recorded video events that viewers pay to access, offering exclusive content.

How Does the Registration Process Work?

Viewers register through a custom page with integrated credit card processing, ensuring a seamless experience.

Can I Watch the Event On-Demand After It Ends?

Yes, registered viewers can access the event on-demand, allowing for flexible viewing.

What Equipment is Needed for the Live Event?

We can connect to existing AV equipment or provide necessary gear like cameras, microphones, and lighting.

How Do I Analyze Viewer Data?

Our detailed viewer analytics provide insights into audience behavior, helping you improve future events.

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